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top 5 pcb manufacturers for arduino projects

As we know nowadays, electronic devices are getting smarter, cheaper, and compact in size. The need for these devices is increasing more and more every day.

Today we'll talk about one of the main components of any electronic device, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). A PCB is made of compound epoxy, glass fiber, or laminated different substances. To create good quality devices you definitely need a good PCB.

There are many PCB suppliers in the market. It is necessary to find a good supplier who can deliver a good product at a very cheap price. With numerous PCB manufacturers jumping up onto the industry, you don't know if the one that has the ability and gear to convey the quality PCB design you need. So, here is the list of the top five best PCB manufacturers you want to hire for your PCB design:


JLCPCB has 5 fully automated factories expanded on 600,000m2 and have 9 SMT production lines that assemble 35,000,000+ parts monthly. JLCPCB provides good and easy-to-use online services. They always help to provide engineers and other companies to access the most economic and innovative PCB service.

Recently, JLCPCB also expanded the SMT production plant to an advanced factory, expanding from 32 to 72 placement machines, expanding from 4 SMT production lines to 9 SMT production to support more production, and also added black, red, and blue PCB assembly service.

PCB Varieties:

  • Single and multi-layered boards.
  • Adaptable board
  • Rigid PCB
  • Rigid-Flex PCB
  • Aluminum PCB
  • 1, 2, 4, and 6 layers

JLCPCB Special Offer PCB

2. Unimicron

Unimicron considers itself the World Leading PCB Company. They give extra care to the quality of circuit boards with a faster manufacturing process. Unimicron is additionally prepared to plan the type of circuit board you would have to enhance the functionalities of your electronic devices. PCBs are not by any means the only items manufactured by Unimicron. The designer will manufacture the product as you like.

PCB Varieties:

  • Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)
  • Every Layer Interconnect (ELIC)
  • Rigid-Flex circuit boards
  • High-Density Interconnector circuit boards


DSBJ is a worldwide innovation partner giving basic parts to IoT intelligence, with an exceptional spotlight on Telecommunication Equipment and Metal Precision, LED technologies. In April 2010, 30 years after their inception, they were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Currently, DSBJ designs a wide range of PCB productions. DSBJ also offers extensive and full PCB assembly services via their PCB solution expert – Multek, such as backend full circuit board assembly services and PCBA/FPCA circuit board services.

PCB Varieties:

  • Rigid PCBs
  • Flexible PCBs
  • Rigid-Flex circuit boards

4. RayMing Technology

Not all the PCB architects out there will actually want to offer you full and in-house services. However, RayMining PCB does that, and that is the reason they are outstanding. RayMing prototype full circuit board assembly and also provide circuit board customization. RayMing manufacture PCB board up to 56 layers, Raw material: Fr4, Rogers, Arlon, Teflon, Taconic, Nalco, Isola, Ceramic, Metalcore. RayMing got over 6000+ contract clients and 90% satisfied customers.

5. Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech is being ahead of technology nowadays, being different from other manufacturers. They believe that they can unlock the future technology if they have enough material to design circuit boards. For the past years Zhen Ding Tech engineers trying to combine the Internet of Things, 5g technology, Internet of Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence to provide a new innovative solution. Zhen Ding Tech engineers study about the main parts of circuit boards. The Zhen Ding is also one of the top PCB manufacturers having a range of products and services.

PCB Varieties:

  • Rigid Printed Circuit Board
  • Modular products module
  • IC board carrier
  • High-Density Connection Board (HDI)
  • The chip on film memory
  • Soft and hardboard


These were some of the best PCB manufacturers currently in the market. You can choose any of these manufacturers and order your products. But if you are looking for the best online and affordable PCB manufacturer with quick delivery services you should definitely consider JLCPCB.

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