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JLCPCB manufacturing reviews

No doubt, JLCPCB is the best and affordable supplier of PCB in the online market. Superb quality, very cheap prices, and fully trusted. The full form of JLCPCB is Shenzhen JIALICHUANG Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd.

In 16 years JLCPCB has created and the best relationship between customers and merchants. Any feedback from clients about creation productivity, PCB quality, and client support and coordination’s circumstance will be admired by the JLCPCB group. CEO Yuan is the leader of JLCPCB and keeps optimizing and invent new methods of production.

Mr. Yuan explained, "The benefit of the PCB business is exceptionally straightforward. Low value, unrivaled quality, quick conveyance. The embodiment is conflicting.", He added, "The best way to tackle this logical inconsistency: enormous creation with the completely mechanized production line."

Services and Quality of JLCPCB

High-quality PCBs and cheap and quick logistics must earn a good amount of profit. And JLCPCB fulfills all these key features. JLCPCB always helps provide engineers and other companies to access the most economic and innovative PCB service.

JLCPCB reviews pcb

If the product is good it is always used by more people. To other countries, JLCPCB provides “$2 for 5 PCB”, which successfully gets the customer's sight. For clients, JLPCB is a solid sponsor, insightful and caring. JLCPCB customers know that JLCPCB keep production on vacations, in any event, during the Chinese New Year Holidays.

JLCPCB reviews pcb 2

Delivery Services

JLCPCB delivery timing is 3 to 5 days max. JLCPCB additionally experienced numerous troubles in Feb. 2020 on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought about somewhat longer PCB turnaround time and SMT request manufacturing delay. Furthermore, the lead time has become as quick as before since March, 2020.

Site Reviews

  • Trust Pilot : 3.8/5
    On trust pilot JLCPCB site have some mixed reviews of customers but more people are satisfied.
  • PCB Shopper : 4.1/5
    The PCB Shopper site got a single audience of only 1 genre so the reviews are more accurate and good. Most of the people are satisfied with the site and product.

Customers Reviews about Product

About 90% product users are highly satisfied with product quality but the remaining 10% got one issue that the product quality is getting bad now, it previously was good but it seems bad and unsatisfied.

JLCPCB Special Offer PCB


Generally speaking, JLCPCB is one of the best China PCB makers. The PCB from JLCPCB is a lot of pretty awesome . The ordering process is too easy. I simply trust that its value actually gives me in astonishment.

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