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Need PCBs For Your Next Project? JLCPCB Has Got You Covered! JLCPCB is one of the largest PCB manufacturers in Asia, with over 3000 employees and over 1 million customers to date. They offer many services to their customers, one of which we'll talk about today!

JLCPCB is offering up to 5 PCB boards which can be manufactured within 24 hours. This can be 2 layers with an area of up to 100×100mm Green solder mask. You can choose from over 30,000 components ready for SMT Assembly. You also get a free design for testing purposes and assembly review, which will ensure that you get exactly what you need in the final product. The process will be seamless from fabrication to assembly, and the quality they provide is hard to match for a price of just $2!

The Process

Assembly is started as soon as PCB is ready, and most SMT orders are finalized within 24 hours. You can leave the time-consuming work such as SMT manufacturing data preparation, the components used in the PCB, and solder paste stencil for SMT assembly while PCB production. This is so that the assembly can begin quickly after finishing the PCB fabrication. You can quickly get to work without having to worry about the PCB and SMT assembly, which will save time and you can finish your projects more efficiently. The chart below shows the project schedule.

jlcpcb assembly process

Free SMT Assembly

When you've successfully placed an order on JLCPCB website, you will get three $8 SMT coupons on the first day of coming month. For instance, if you place an order on 25th of June, you can expect the free coupons to arrive on 1st July. You can claim these SMT coupon in your Account > Coupon section.

jlcpcb free smt Coupon

Usually their SMT assembly prices start at $7 setup fee. However you can get an $8 discount by using SMT coupons. You can also visit their SMT Demo now to get an idea of what you can get along with estimated costs.

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