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4K Car Wallpaper Desktop Theme For Windows

This is one of my favourite desktop themes so far. I made this using Rainmeter (for the clock) and Nexus Dock (for the icons), with a 4K car wallpaper, really like how it turned out. So here I am, showing you how to make your desktop look like this.

About this theme

The clock I've used here is a Rainmeter skin called "Clocko". It's a simple clock with date and time, and has 3 different sizes, each in dark and light colors. For this theme, I've used the light variant with medium size, and placed it on the top-right corner of the screen.

Apart from the clock, there is no other skin used in this theme. Which brings us to the Icons, for which I've used Nexus Dock. It's a nice software for getting a customizable icons dock, which I use in pretty much any theme I make. Of course you can make do without it, if that's what you prefer.

You should keep in mind that if you load the settings provided by me, the dock will be empty at first. you will have to manually add the icons as you need, by simply dragging them to the dock.

Finally cleaning up the desktop, I show you how to hide the desktop icons using Nexus Dock, as well as the traditional way using Windows settings. I noticed that by hiding the taskbar using Windows, you can easily have it pop back up, by simply moving your mouse cursor towards the edge of the screen (where the taskbar is supposed to be). It will also hide back when you move the cursor away (unless you change settings and un-hide it again).

However, when hiding the taskbar using Nexus Dock, it doesn't come back up by moving the mouse cursor towards it. So personally, I prefer hiding it using traditional way as I like to be able to use it in case I need to.

If you encounter any problem, or have some questions, read the F.A.Q post that I've personally written to answer the most asked questions. If there is still something you need help with, leave a comment below, or on the main YouTube video (I usually respond to them faster).

Download this theme

The theme is free to download using the links below. I wouldn't mind if you decided to leave a Like on the video and perhaps, Subscribed :)

Download All Files As ZIP:
Simplify (Google Drive)

Download All Files Separately:
Clock Skin (Clocko)
Nexus Dock
Nexus Dock Settings

If you decide to download all the files separately, be sure to keep them all in one folder, as it will make it easier for you to follow throught the video tutorial.

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