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JLCPCB manufacturing machines

JLCPCB is the largest PCB manufacturer in China. Having the company expanded on 600,000m2 and about 3000 employees working there. JLCPCB is working as head of the PCB industry. Founded in 2006 and since then, providing the best PCB products in the world.

JLCPCB provides the best online buying experience and quick delivery services, satisfied by more than 600,000 customers around the world. JLCPCB handles more than 1000 online PCB orders a day. They have all types of the latest equipment, a great management team, and professional PCB designers. Their client support service is proficient and they contact to resolve queries of their client in an extremely brief time frame.

What does JLCPCB Offer?

JLCPCB manufactures the best PCB products in the whole world. They deliver boards from a single to a multi-layered. Concerning the utilization of the substrate, there are various sorts of PCB boards such as adaptable board, Rigid PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, and aluminum PCB. The layers of PCB they can configuration are one, two, four, and six layers.

JLCPCB Special Offer PCB

The material utilized by the JLCPCB for PCB development FR-4. They utilize a 2.5 double-sided dielectric constant. The scope of measurements of your request should be 400x500mm as this measurement is satisfactory by the JLCPCB. They give measurement resistance ±0.2 millimeters to CNC steering and ±0.4millimeter for V-scoring. The thickness of the board built by the JLCPCB is 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0mm and has ± 10% thickness resilience. The heaviness of copper layers at the top and base is 1 oz. /2 oz. JLCPCB has the capacity to make this load of plans with high accuracy.

They offer two methods of PCB planning, SMD and the through-hole technique, you can request to utilize any strategy as indicated by your project requirement.

Affordable Pricing

The cost of various PCB offered by JLCPCB is referenced here:

  • The cost of the two-layer board made with the substrate FR4 material, green patch cover, and white silkscreen has a price of $2 for 5 pieces.
  • The Four-layer board can be ordered for 5$, per ten pieces, and manufactured in 4 days.
  • The board with similar elements, having six-layer is accessible for 8$ for 10 pieces.
  • SMT stencil having dimensions (190mm x 290mm) available for 7$ for 1 piece.

Reasons to choose JLCPCB

There are various choices that assist you with picking JLCPCB. Their principal highlight is their best quality item and they never compromise it. For getting great quality items they make an assessment of their machines consistently and introduced some advanced creation lines. Because of more affordable work in china, the expense of an item is less and you can get great items at less expense than other nations like the UK and the USA.

With superior grade and more affordable products, they additionally offered items at a given time, this makes them generally noticeable than other PCB providers and furthermore, you don't need to consider them for your product creation.

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