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Make Windows 10 Look Better In 2023

If you're looking for a fresh look for your Windows 10 desktop, check out my new theme. It’s made using Rainmeter skins, that will make your desktop look unique. Rather than filling up, I’ve used a sleek clock, and a minimal music visualizer. To compliment it further, a stunning abstract wallpaper that will make your desktop look like a work of art. Keep reading to learn more about all the that this theme has to offer.

About this theme

The clock that I’ve used here is from a Rainmeter skin called Retto. It not only provides a useful tool for keeping track of time and date, but also adds a visually pleasing element to the overall design.

The music visualizer is also a Rainmeter skin, called Lano Visualizer. It reacts to whatever sound is being played through the speakers, creating an immersive and dynamic display on the desktop.

The dock, which uses Nexus Dock, is a clean and minimal, easy to customize icons holder for your desktop. The icons are easy to modify, add or delete, allowing you to personalize it to your requirement. This is to replace the existing desktop icons as I’ve shown how to hide them, but you may also use it along with the existing desktop icons if you prefer it that way, or simply use the desktop icons only, if you wish.

The overall theme is based on the colour orange, and the nice wallpaper ties all the elements of the theme together, making the desktop look more professional and high-quality.

If you encounter any problem, or have some questions, read the F.A.Q post that I've personally written to answer the most asked questions. If there is still something you need help with, leave a comment below, or on the main YouTube video (I usually respond to them faster).

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