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In electronic engineering, there are many different projects created with different types of components but PCB acts as the main and important component in these projects. It is a must to use a good PCB to avoid problems and create a good working project. There are many different PCB manufacturers around the world but PCBWay is the most famous and trusted PCB supplier around the whole world. I am not saying that but the users and the internet saying that. So let’s know a little deep about PCBWay.

What is PCBWay?

PCBWay is a manufacturer specializing in PCB prototype, PCB assembly, and SMD (surface-mount device) Stencil and Flexible PCB service under one roof. PCBWay is now shipping in more than 170 countries worldwide also manages and delivers more than 2100 PCB orders per day. There are many PCB manufacturing companies but PCBWay provides excellent price and customer service among all.

PCBWay also provides friendly support staff to their intuitive, user-friendly website with amazing features and that’s what makes PCBWay ideal for any electronic hobbyist. PCBWay will completely design PCB for you from scratch or you can also design your PCB prototype as you want it. PCBWay provides 10 PCB boards only for 5$.

The PCBWay website is very eye-catching and full of amazing features and it’s very easy to navigate. While putting an order their PCB prototyping customization options are endless, you can make your PCB. They provide customization features like the solder mask, silkscreen, surface finish, material, and much more have an option to be changed on your own. Furthermore, special requests are also accepted by PCBWay if you need any further requirements.

Their Services

PCBWay provides both PCB and PCBA assembly services at very affordable prices. SMT or hybrid techniques are used for the creation of PCB and PCBA.

Not like others PCBWay never compromises on their quality they always provide different ways such as flying probe tester, X-Ray inspection Machine, AOI, or automated optical inspection machine to provide high-quality products.

PCBWay provides up to 14 layers of PCB. The Maximum size of PCB they provide is 500*1100mm. If your project is bigger than this you can surely contact them and ask them about it. The drill size used in PCB production is 0.2 to 6.3mm.

Customer Ratings

There are more than 100,000+ reviews on the internet of PCBWay and everyone loves their products a lot because of the rating of their products in 9.3/10. They provide amazing products at a reasonable price also 24 hours contact service if you got some issues and that’s enough to gain trust.

Why PCBWay?

  • PCBWay provides the best value PCBs with direct manufacturer price.
  • You can also get your product within 24Hrs because PCBWay also provides fast turnarounds as fast as 24Hrs.
  • PCBWay also provide low minimums with the best customer service.
  • PCBWay deliver their products within 24Hrs with a delivery rate of 99%.


Want a good quality PCB with a good delivery-time rate from a trusted manufacturer that’s what PCBWay provides. PCBWay provides a professional service/support team, website's live-build feed, and fast delivery and that’s why I also highly recommend PCBWay to buy PCB from them. So, if you want a good PCB checkout PCBWay website it will fully satisfy you.

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