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Valorant Desktop Theme For Windows 10

Here's a neat Valorant themed desktop design using Rainmeter and Nexus Dock. Skins are modified by me to match the wallpaper.

First time using Rainmeter? No problem! Follow the video and maybe read more about Rainmeter and Nexus Dock on this blog. I've removed any unnecessary things such as icon packs, to make it a smaller package.

The Rainmeter skins I've used are BOLDY along with Lano Visualizer. To match with the wallpaper, I have edited the skin slighly. I have provided config files that you can simply copy and paste in your computer and that should apply my custom settings without you having to manually edit the skins. You can use my Guide Wallpaper to position the skin to the center of the screen. All of this is shown in the video so you can just follow through.

After hiding desktop icons and taskbar, we'll use Nexus Dock to access some icons. Although I personally keep it just for aesthetics. So you can still use taskbar by moving your cursor to the bottom of your screen and the Taskbar should come back up. You may also use other skins in combination if you want, such as weather or music player.

If you're having any trouble with any step, or something isn't working as it should, I have written a F.A.Q post. Here you will find the most common issues and questions asked by the users here. If there is still something you'd like to ask, leave a comment below, or on the YouTube video as I respond to them faster.

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Learn more about Rainmeter.

1. Rainmeter
2. Nexus Dock
3. 7-zip / WinRAR(or any other archive extraction program).

Watch The Video For Full Instructions.
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  1. Will doing all this cause performance drops or lag? Thanks! The guide was well made and straight to the point; no unnecessary stuff that prolongs the video.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      And no, it will not cause any noticeable performance loss. If you want, you can close Rainmeter and Nexus Dock apps while working.

  2. As I can't see the download file


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