Problems In Rainmeter or Nexus Dock FAQ

Looking to center a rainmeter skin? Nexus Dock Icons are appearing as '?' question marks? media player wont work? Can't play with Spotify / Windows Media Player? Well, I have had quite a load of questions about this on my YouTube Channel. So I decided to write an FAQ post to help you better understand your problems and solutions for them.

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How Do I Center The Skins?

Skins are of different sizes and have different extra spaces on the sides. So there is no simple solution for that. I myself like to center them horizontally first. I do this with the help of the logo on my monitor, which is in the center of its bottom bezel. However, there is a skin that makes two red lines of your screen, one vertical and one horizontal. This gives you the perfect center for your resolution. I will try to provide this skin here soon.

Why Is My Music Player Not Working?

Music Players and Audio Visualizers are very common with Rainmeter Customization. However, most of these skins have their GUI Settings.ini File Included. All you have to do is go to Rainmeter, expand the music player skin from the skins section on the left, and look for settings folder. Once you find it, expand that folder and double-click on settings.ini (or similar file) inside it. This will load the settings.ini skin. Once you have that loaded, a Settings skin will appear on your Desktop. Now all you need to do is find the option for media players, and choose one from the list. That's it! Now unload the settings skin (right-click > Unload skin). Now your music player should display the correct song info and be able to control the media player if it supports that.

Why Are My Icons Showing As Question Marks?

Nexus Dock users have this very common problem; No Icons (or empty icons with a question mark symbol). Well, Let me explain why this happens and how to solve this. First, you need to have an icon pack (or some icons as per your needs). If you have downloaded a theme from our website, you will find the Icons Folder inside the zip file you downloaded. This folder contains the icons you can use with Nexus Dock. If you haven't downloaded any theme from our website and want to get rid of these empty icons, simply find an icon pack online! The icons can be in .png format as well as a .ico format. Once you have the icons, you can apply them by 1) Dragging the icon file / image to the desired icon on Nexus Dock, or 2) Right-Clicking on the icon, going to Dock Entry Properties, and clicking Change Icon on the bottom section. From there you can choose an icon file and apply it on the icon.

Can't Open a 'Paste Here' Folder?

If you have downloaded a theme from our website, you will likely see a shortcut saying Paste 'x' Here. This shortcut usually opens the folder "Documents/Rainmeter/Skins". However, In some cases, this folder might not be created by default. In that case, you will get an error saying something like "This Directory does not exist". To solve this, you simply need to go to your Documents Folder > Rainmeter, and create a folder named 'Skins'. Now the problem should be gone and you will not get the same error again!

Nexus Dock Overlapping Other Windows?

This is the most asked question on my tutorials. See the step-by-step guide to disable overlapping of Nexus Dock for detailed instructions on how to solve this and why this happens.

How to Undo The Themes?

If you want to switch back to the default look that you had before installing a theme, or simply want to uninstall the theme for some reason, Here's how to do it. All you need to do it uninstall the programs you installed while installing the theme. For most themes on this website, you will only have to uninstall two programs: Rainmeter and Nexus Dock. Not sure how to do it? Simply type "Programs" in start menu, then click "Add or Remove Programs". From there, type in the program you want to uninstall and click on it as it appears below.

Have More Questions?

If you have a different problem with Rainmeter or Nexus Dock, feel free to leave a comment below. I will try to either reply you with a solution or update this post, adding that problem to this list and explaining it.

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  1. please tell how do i add spotify for music player...there is no option for it in settings.ini PLEASE HELP!!!!

  2. Need spotify and groove music player please. All the other music players are just for show. People use 3 players mostly. 1.spotify 2.itunes 3.groove

    1. Groove Player isn't supported in Rainmeter. Try selecting Spotify in settings.ini file.

    2. no spotify in setting.ini

    3. Yeah there is no spotify either. I would love spotify over groove.

  3. did he respond to your problem becuase i have the same request

  4. Hey, why is the weather feature not working?I've already entered my city code, but nothing is happening.
    I think the URL in the weather editor is outdated, but how do I fix it?


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