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PCBWay is one of the top PCB manufacturers today, specially among the Arduino and Raspberry Pi community. Recently, I came across their Project Sharing Community, where people from all around the world are encouraged to share their ideas and projects, based on the custom PCB designs.

Online Community

Their online community is very matured and has thousands of different projects and ideas available. Users can give feedback, like and share the individual submissions. There are a lot of different categories you can browse from, including Home Automation, Robotics, 3D Printing, Automotive, Virtual Reality and many more. Here is a list of Top 10 Projects from the PCBWay Community.

One of the best features you get here is the ability to simply Add any of these PCBs to your cart and get one for yourself. Yes, it's that simple. Personally I did feel like it was a bit of a hassle designing a PCB. The process is bit complex. So for me, the option to simply Add to Cart the PCB designs of my choice is a great feature.

Other Features

Other than that, there are also some extra features available on the website, such as their QnA section. Users can submit questions and answer the questions submitted by others. Questions are tagged with categories (i.e Automation, Robotics etc), so you have the option to filter them out. This can also help you find answers to your questions by checking if someone already asked it there and got an answer. So it's like a forum, sort of.

Similarly, they also have a Videos section where they share videos from their community, to provide knowledge and help the users. Some popular video categories include "Meet the Maker", where they introduce the people who made certain project. Others include Q&A, Innovation, Challenges etc.

Finally, we have their Blog section. This is where they publish articles about things related to projects. These include project Tutorials, How To's, News related to their community, and more. As with projects, the articles can also be filtered by categories so you can find information that you're looking for.

You can also become a writer for them and even get rewarded for doing so. According to their website, you can write on PCBWay website, or on other platforms, and get rewards for it. This of course means you follow their requirements and submit it to them via provided means. To find out more, you can visit here.

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