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top 10 arduino projects 2021 drone space invaders

People are showing more creativity this time of the year. Being at home we get bored, while some use this time to fulfill their hobbies. Today we'll take a look at 10 arduino projects that we found worth sharing in 2021. Here you will find creative ideas to use older techniques to make something new, and vice-versa! You'll find the original links attached with each one of the projects listed below, as well as our thoughts on them.

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List Of Projects:

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3D Printed Mini CNC Machine

You've probably already seen many other CNC machines made using arduino, but this is special. Unlike the others, this one is smaller and looks neat! It's more portable which makes it easy to build, as well as work with. You can see in the video just how good it is and what it can do. I think it's pretty good.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Levitating Globe

This guy made a levitation system for a toy globe. With magnet, you can make anything levitate on this thing. Although you'll probably have to balance it first. Once that's done, I think you can do countless things out of this, such as a shoe levitating, sitting on your desk or something!

To know more about it, check the source: Click Here.

3D Wire Bending Machine

This one is pretty unique. It uses wire to make 3D shapes or plain 2D shapes, simply by bending the wire. I assume you can feed it any shape data and it will make that shape precisely out of wire. This is a game changer to people to love to do crafting. Other than that it simply looks good. With gears and all that, yet nothing messy on the outside.

To know more about it, check the source: Click Here.

Magnetic Levitator

Another levitation system, but this time it only balances and levitates button magnets. I assume we can just put these magnets on something and it will levitate as well. It's actually pretty similar to what we saw above with the globe levitation, although both are made by different people. they probably use different parts and overall mechanism, making one of these more efficient and/or easy to make.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Ninjutsu Hand Signs Locker

Okay this has got to me one of the coolest things you've seen made with arduino! This is a two part system, one on the glove and the other inside a locker. You make combination of signs with your hands and it can detect them, seemingly with precise timing. So if you do the combination too slow or too fast, it won't work. And of course, it'll detect a wrong combination so that's that. Overall it's just so cool if not useful.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Motion Following Camera

A regular indoors camera, but it moves as it detects motion. The base is what holds the whole system, including motors and motion sensors. Each sensor is covered with cardboard on the sides so it only detects motion right in front of it, and covering a smaller radius. This makes it a bit more precise to the movement and traking, although it's still not fully developed. I think with a bit more work, it will struggle less and track motion more accurately.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Space Invaders Using Drones

If you've played Space Invaders in your childhood, this one might surprise you. These guys built a large scale, real life space invaders game. There is a seat for the player that can move sideways, as well as a weapon which although doesn't actually shoot anything, is still fully functional digitally. The enemeis are made using actual drones, which look like the DJI Phantom 4 (or one of the Phantom series drones). There is a screen at the bottom of each drone which shows the enemy face as it would appear in the actual game, and while they move, you can shoot them by pointing in their direction and pressing the trigger. Kudos to them for putting in so much effort!

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Light Tracking Solar Panel

This is a typical phone charger with solar panel as it's energy source. And it get's interesting when you move the light source around, and it moves with it! This will only be useful for longer periods of time though, or for use on large scale electricity generation. Still a cool idea and well made.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Mini Recon Bot

We've seen new robots that can adapt to different kinds of terrain and walk or climb them. This is something similar but made with arduino. That means you can build one yourself on a budget. It not only looks stunning, but is also compact and functional. In the video we see it trying to run over a towel or somthing, and succeeds. If I had to rate it, I'd easily give it a 4/5 rating for being an arduino project and being so fucntional and unique.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Magnetic Field Meter

This is like a metal detector, but detects magnetic waves. If you bring a magnet close to it, it will tell you if it's a real working magnet, along with it's strength from that distance. I don't know what it'll be used for, but i'm sure there is some use for it. It's also portable and can be put in a better casing to make it look even nice.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

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