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Dawn Desktop Theme For Windows 10 2021

Make your desktop clean using this desktop customization pack I have for you today. By doing this, you won't only have a nice aesthetic desktop to look at, but having an organized desktop will also help you relax and be creative in your work. In this video, I'll show you how you can apply this Dawn Desktop Theme to your Desktop. The zip file can be downloaded using one of the mirrors at the end of this post.

To achieve this look, we'll be using Rainmeter and Nexus Dock. Unlike before, this time we won't be using an icon pack. Instead, well use the default app icons, only slightly bigger.

The skins we've used for this theme include Lano Visualiser, Retto, and Small Clean Animated Weather. The music bars are rendered using Lano Visualizer, another great Rainmeter skin. These bars will react to anything that is being played by your speakers. We'll use the Date and Time skin called Retto, and Small Clean Animated Weather to show current weather info on the desktop. You can change these settings as shown in the video above.

To make it even cleaner, we'll hide the current desktop icons using a setting in Windows 10 (see the video), as well as the Taskbar (temporarily). It will come back up if you move your cursor towards the bottom of the screen (or where your taskbar used to be). To show icons, we'll use Nexus Dock. The icons are set to appear on the left side of the screen but can be changed in the settings. We won't change the icons to custom icon packs, but if you prefer that, you can change the icons simply by the drag-and-drop method. You can use .ico or other image formats and it should work. You can also drag and drop any shortcut files to the dock and drop when a text "link" appears. This will add that as an icon. You can learn more in the video above.

I try my best to keep instructions as clear as possible in the video. However, if you don't understand something, I have written a F.A.Q post just for that which should help with the usual problems that users face. If there is still something you'd like to ask, leave a comment below, or on the YouTube video as I respond to them faster.

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Learn more about Rainmeter.

1. Rainmeter
2. Nexus Dock
3. 7-zip / WinRAR(or any other archive extraction program).

Watch The Video For Full Instructions.
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