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The Arduino is a cheap electronics board that allows you to make your own electronics without a ton of coding experience. Like any electronics project, its tough coming up with ideas for what to build. You may find it helpful for your school's science project or for some cool DIY stuff which can be made using Arduino. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration or just need a place to start, let’s take a look at ten coolest Arduino projects I've seen up till now.

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List Of Projects:

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Solar Light Tracker

This is the Solar Panel prototype with the light detection sensor. This allows the motor to rotate the panels to the direction of light. It will let you get the most power out of the sun with your solar panel! The creator of this particular one said "This was a prototype, i'm going to make it bigger now." According to him, you will need the things listed below for this project:

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

Arduino Game Controller

This is a hand glove equipped with an Arduino board and some sensors like gyroscope. This helps it detect the 3D movement which is then converted to rotation angle and sent as signals to a video game console/PC, allowing him to control the game with his hands. Its a cool fun project and can be a good deal in science fairs!

For the project tutorial and details, you can check the video on his YouTube

Stack Game Player Robot

The 'Stack' Game Player is a robot made with Arduino. It is paired with the required material to give it that arm look, which clicks the screen at specific time intervals, doing perfect stacks and gaining all the scores. It can be easily modified for use with a similar game, or what else, creative people know! Anyways, this looks like an easy project for beginners, as well as for science fairs or for fun! According to the video, you need the following for making this:

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

CNC Plotting Machine

This is an interesting project! This is a Plotting robot that draws things as provided, on the 2D plane. According to its source, you can draw images on wall, panel or A4 paper! Interesting right? You can print pictures or text with this thing. This one has some potential and seems to be extendable prototype! Below are the required stuff for making this robot (Source):

For the code and detailed info, please check the video: Click here.

Arduino Data Glasses

As the name suggests, this is a tiny extension for normal glasses, adding a HUD display in it. It can be used with and set of glasses, making it more portable! The cool thing about this is that its not limited to the multimeter data, but a prototype showing how any kind of information can be displayed in it! However, this current project was build as a helpful gadget for electricians who need extra pair of hands, as this reduces that need.

For the code and detailed info, you can check this video: Click here.

Robotic Arm (Programmable)

This one is my favorite so far. It is a 4 axis robot arm with a small gripper and teach function. The Teach part allows a person to move the arm of this robot any way he wants, and it will be recorded. Just like a Piano with record function, it is re-programmable for different uses. According to its Source, it has 2 basic functions:

1. Teach mode: After a reset the robot arm follows the teach in arm while simple mapping the analog inputs every 25ms to the servo motors. Pressing the button stores each servo position in a array.

2. Play mode: The sketch reads the array step by step and and moves the robot arm. For cool loocking movements i added a routine calculates different micro steps for each servo to have moving start and end sync on all axis. Also added a ramp for soft increase/decrease velocity. Shorter travel distances the robot does slow, longer distances with faster speed.

If you are looking to make this project, here's what you'll need (Source):

  • Arduino Board
  • 4x Micro Servo
  • 4x 22k Potentiometer
  • 4.8v Battery
  • Wires, Button, Switch
  • Balsa wood, Metal, Plastic
  • Zip Ties
  • Glue

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

CNC Drawing Machine

The CNC Drawing machine is just like the other CNC Plotting Machine we saw above. However, this one is built for small scale work like drawing small images or logos. The good part is that this is a machine. This means you can use it to draw small parts (as in electronic diagrams) as well as logos more accurately than by hand, while using a pen instead of a Printer! To make this project, you will need (Source):

  • 2x old DVD Writers
  • Arduino nano
  • Micro Servo motors
  • L293D
  • Zero PCB

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

Hand Gesture/Controller (RC Car)

This is the Arduino-based Gesture control robot, similar to the video game controller we saw above. In this project, the accelerometer detects movement and wirelessly operates robot using the RF433 module. It may not look like much of a deal here, but think of the possibilities on a larger scale. It can be a life changer, however, being equally dangerous with bigger machines. But, nothing works right away, these are the problems which can be prevented and solved. To make this project, you will need (Source):

  • Arduino Lilypad
  • Accelerometer Sensor
  • RF 433 Module
  • HT12E and HT12D
  • Motor driver L293DNE
  • BO Motor and Wheels
  • Prototyping Board

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

Line Following Robot

This little thing is my second most favorite in this Top 10 list! As the name suggests, its a tiny robot made with Arduino and equipped with tyres and motors. It automatically detects the black line in front of it or on the sides, and follows it! Pretty cool huh? well its a cool fun project to make at home, while also being a good prototype for industrial work.

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

Maze Solver Robot

The Maze Solver Robot is much similar to the Line Following robot above. It uses the same technique to move on the black lines, however, that's not all! This little robot uses the Left-Hand rule, meaning that it goes left every time it sees a turn. If there are no left turns, it will rotate 90 degrees to change its direction. The best part about this is that it records the pattern and stores it in the memory once the maze is finished. As you can see in the video, it doesn't make wrong turns in the 2nd run! According to its Source, this robot was programmed to compete in the LVBots Challenge 4.0 ( at the end of May 2008, and is available for sale on many online stores ,one of which is in the description of the source video (see below).

For the code and more info, please check the video: Click here.

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