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I received a really good response from you guys in my previous Arduino Compilation, So I have prepared this 2019 Compilation for you people :) Enjoy the Best Arduino Projects in 2019! You may find it helpful for your school's science project or for some cool DIY stuff which can be made using Arduino.

While preparing this compilation, I found a cool Robot known as Hexa, and I have to say, I was impressed! I have included a clip in the end, be sure to check that out. (NOT SPONSORED!)

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List Of Projects:

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Autonomous Follow Box

The Autonomous Follow Box seems to be a useful project here. Do you often walk with bags and stuff with you? This little robot allows you to put your carry on it, and it will follow you where ever you go! Using a GPS wireless module, it can follow you through your phone which you can connect to it. Overall, This is a good fun project.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Robotic Arm

This is the Arduino-based Arm, that you can program for your particular use. At basic level, it simply picks an object, moves the arm, and then puts it somewhere else. But with some additions, it can be made with tyres so that it moves from one place to another, or be built at a larger scale. Although it has been there before, this one seems to be slightly easier and more open to build at home. However, it does require more than a beginner's experience to work with.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Glove-Controlled Hand

This project is my second favorite in this list. It is a robot-like arm that is actually controlled with a glove. It has a good amount of potential and can be improved with additions and modifications since it doesn't do much at the current stage. Personally, I would recommend making it, if possible. It is a really fun project to work with.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

PID Ball Balance

Now this is the one I liked the best. In my opinion, this is the best project in this list! As the name suggests, this is a machine with a flat surface on top. It has been programmed to keep the ball in the center by balancing the sheet. To know better, watch it in action in the video above. Its a really good project that can be made just for fun, as well as for school science fairs!

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Arduino Home Security

This is a prototype of a complete Home Security System built with Arduino UNO. Here, they are using 2 axes of the platform as the output from a PID controller that uses a resistive touch panel mounted on the platform as input. All processing is being done on an Arduino Uno that is controlling 6 R/C servo motors. It is an impressive work done by Full Motion Dynamics, though I feel it needs more work to be used as a proper Home Security System.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

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