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top 10 arduino projects 2021

These are some of the best science projects made with arduino for our 2020-21 compilation! Every year we pick Top 10 Arduino Projects and compile them in a video which is uploaded to our YouTube channel called Viral Hattrix. Some of these will be very easy, some of them hard, some really fun! Anything that is worth sharing and fits in nicely is added to the list.

If you find these videos helpful, be sure to give the video a like and subscribe to the channel for more similar upcoming videos! Also, be sure to support the people who originally made these projects. To make it easier, we have attached the source links to each of the projects listed below where you can not only know the creator of these projects, but also find out more about it which might include the instructions to make these porjects yourself!

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List Of Projects:

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Motion Sensor Basketball Hoop

A Responsive Basketball Hoop? That's right. This guy attached a motion sensor to the basketball hoop which detects the ball as it passes through. When the ball is detected, it sends the signal to the arduino, which controlls the whole thing, gives power to light up the LED light strip. This gives the player a response whenever the ball passes through it. Basic, but Not bad I'd say.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Pin Pointer Metal Detector

Portable metal dectector that pin points exactly to the metal within its detection range. It may not have a high range, but for something cheap as this, it's neat! It does the job as seen in the video, beeping when pointed close to a metal object. The owner showed it being used in a forest where small metallic object may not be easy to locate in that soil along with leaves and other stuff. Pretty useful huh.

To know more about it, check the source: Click Here.

Tower Crane Desktop Replica

Made by Tart Robotics, this is one of the coolest arduino-based toys I have ever come across. This tower crane not only looks stunning, but is fully functional too! It can move in many direction and even lift and drop small objects. The crane itself is controlled using a diy remote control using two joysticks (I think) just like a video game controller. This is a very neat project that deserves some attention!

To know more about it, check the source: Click Here.

Arduino Head Tracking

This may seem like a boring or old idea, but it's interesting. This guy has made a head tracking device using arduino, which can trace the movement in 3D! the owner implemented this on a VR headset which he used to drive an tiny R/C car. The function of the head tracker here was to move the camera around so he can see in pov of the car, making the r/c car experience more immersive. This idea can also be implemented on other things, and you know what they say... The sky is the limit!

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Geodesic(k) RGB LED Spheres

PCMR bois? there you have it! An RGB LED sphere! Just kidding :D This here is a multi-function RGB Sphere that you can use to decorate your room, or if you're like me, put it on your computer desk! The project is very clean for something diy, and looks really good epecially in the dark. If you like this one, you can learn more via the link below.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Home Appliance Control With Arduino

This is a smart-home-ish system build with arduino. The device is attached to the mains and all the cables are connected to this device instead of normal switches. The device is then controlled via a phone app (android only, as of writing this article) which allows you to not only manually turn on and off things, but also use Google's voice feature to tell the app what to turn on or off! In the video the owner is seen using voice commands to control a 12v dc fan, a small lamp, bulb and a socket.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Interactive IKEA LED table

A normal IKEA table customized with LED lights controlled with arduino! This table has a ton of cool functions. To name a few, it has games like Tetris and Snake, random rgb patterns, music reactive visualisation on the LEDs, and even custom image (graphic) display which can be shown or played on the surface of this table.

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Arduino Word Jumble

A word jumble game running on arduino! The words are preloaded into the memory of arduino, and it selects one of them randomly. The work is then jumbled up and shown on the screen. The cool part is that you can move through the letters using a knob (like a volume controller) and you can press and hold a button to pick a letter which can be moved with the knob. If you get the letter in the correct position, you win!

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

Psychic Arduino

Another creative project by Hari Wiguna (following the Work Jumble Project above). This project comprises of two parts. One is a simple random number generator, and the other is the Psychic device that somehow happens to know what number you chose from the first device! Although the two devices aren't link together in any way, the owner has come up with an algorithm which basically calculates and checks the input to know what the user chose in the first device. I won't disclose what the algorith is, but you may head over to the link below which will take you to the source. There you can find the information regarding this one. It's pretty smart if you ask me!

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

DIY Air Hockey Table

As the name suggests, this project is an Air Hockey on a table, with a score counter of both sides and some rgb on its surface which makes it look so cool. You can play the game on this table, pretty much self-explanatory really. A good one to show off on your scince fair or just to pass some time building it..

To know more about it, check the source: Click here.

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