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Microsoft and Parallels to bring Windows 10 to the new Apple M1 Macbooks
Image: Twitter

Apple recently announced their new Macbook lineup runing Apple's M1 Chips. These new processors are ARM based and show greatly improved battery life as its power consumption is really low. However, Parallels and Microsoft have been working towards a virtual solution to run ARM Windows 10 inside the M1 Macs! There are already other older versions of Parallels Desktop but they can't run on the new M1 Chips. However the new version will support the M1 chips allowing Windows 10 to run virtually on M1 Macs.

Parallels did point out some of the limitations of their early version of the Parallels 16 Technical Preview for Apple Silicon Macs:

  • It is not possible to run Intel x86 Based OS on the virtual machine.
  • Closing the virtual machine using close window button isn't possible. You'll have to shut it down properly.
  • It is not possible to resume a virtual machine.
  • The ARM32 apps won't work in a virtual machine.

Below you can see a tweet by @OmarShahine talking about it:

You can head to Microsoft's website and download their Insider Preview version of Windows 10 which can be used with an Apple Silicon Mac with Parallels Desktop. You must be a meme of Microsoft's Insider Preview program. You can request to join through this link.

Read more about it in Microsoft's Blog Post.

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