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elegant new desktop theme for windows 10, rainmeter 2020, make windows look better

Today We have another Windows 10 Desktop Customisation Pack for you to change your Desktop in 2020!

People love new things and creativity. I've worked on this new desktop style and compiled it into a compressed zip file so you can easily follow the step by step guide shown in the video above. For this tutorial you will only need these 2 programs: Rainmeter and Nexus Dock.

The Rainmeter Skins We will use are linked below for credits, as well as included in the zip file that you can download using one of the links below and Make your Desktop Aesthetically Pleasing with a Clean Modern Look. Follow the easy steps shown in the video above and get this look on your laptop or desktop PC.

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What is Rainmeter?
Rainmeter is a small desktop customization tool that's been around for quite some time now. It was previously used to customize Windows XP, but now we can also use it to customize Windows 10!

For more information on Rainmeter, Click Here.

Do You Really Need To Customize Your Desktop?

If you're not bored of your cuurent Desktop, then i guess you don't have to change it's appearance. BUT, if you want to see something new and/or show off your setup to someone, this is exactly what you can do. The New Mountain Theme with the Awesome Clock and Date Widget, as well as a nice little weather update below, will make your desktop look elegant and welcoming!

Will I Face Any Performance Issues?
Most people will say that programs like Rainmeter will slow down your computer. Well in my experience, that is not true. I have personally done the testing of this and it turns out, Rainmeter only needs about 10 MB of RAM (or somewhere close to this number). But hey! that's a tiny amount of ram, so you can relax. So No, you Will Not See Any Performance Issues. For CPU Usage, Both Rainmeter and Nexus Dock used around 0% to 2% of my CPU (i7 9700K). So I guess there's nothing for you to worry about!

1. Rainmeter
2. Nexus Dock
3. 7-zip / WinRAR(or any other archive extraction program).
Note: Download links are below at the end of the post.

Watch The Video For Full Instructions.
Enjoy The Free Theme & Don't Forget To Like, Share & Subscribe :)



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