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Bored by the same old Windows look? Give it a Remake! Here are some of the best, minimal rainmeter themes to give your desktop a new fresh look! Make your Windows Desktop look Awesome with these 5 Rainmeter Themes for Free. Make windows look better. For More Skins and similar stuff, subscribe to my channel & Stay Tuned :)
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What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a lightweight desktop customization application for Windows. Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop. This includes information from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. It is one of the best desktop customization programs available, allowing you to give your desktop into an attractive, customized look to turn your Desktop into a piece of art! Rainmeter also has a very unique coding language. It Allows Users are to create new skins, that can be shared to other users as well.

For more information on Rainmeter, Click Here.

Why Should I Customize My Desktop?

If you are like me and use your computer more than average users, you probably see that same old desktop over and over again. And that's what makes it look boring. In my case, I write articles for my blog (Yes, this blog!) and make videos for my YouTube Channel called Viral Hattrix. So doing that I noticed that my energy and motivation to work became less and less, because I was seeing same old desktop layout which bored me. That's when I decided to give my Desktop a New Look. And Believe me, that has increased my motivation and improved my workflow. So I guess you could try giving your Desktop a New Look and see if It helps you too!

Will These Themes Have any Impact on Performance?

If you are using your computer for low end work, such as using Microsoft Word or a similar program to write, or basically any task that does not require much processing power, you probably have a low end PC. In that case, I wouldn't recommend using these customization programs. However, If your computer can handle medium level tasks such as running Photoshop / Premiere Pro, or play some fairly new Games, you probably have a good PC. In other words, anything over 2 CPU Cores and 3 GB of RAM will run these programs without any performance impact. So if that's your case, you shouldn't worry about having performance loss. However, If you do feel like you are losing performance such as an FPS drop in a Game, You can simply close these programs while you play Games, or basically do any task that requires more power.

So Without anymore talk, let's have a look at today's Top 5 Rainmeter Themes:

1. TransformeX Mod
Image Source: Click Here

Are you ready to dial it back to the 2010s and catch a hint of this Rainmeter skin, which looks like JetAudio took over your entire Windows desktop? Dubbed as T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-E-X, this skin is quite nostalgic and permits you to add everything from the CPU, RAM, SWAP, location and weather info on the desktop. You also get 3D icons for programs and power functions at the bottom, with a visualizer-like background.


Image Source: Click Here

It’s not always essential for you to clutter your Windows 10 desktop with widgets. There’s the off-chance that you’re looking for a clean and tranquil skin with almost no distractions. Well, MNML UI offers you just that. It’s a collection of pleasant and modern clock and date widgets that could elevate your desktop experience in no time.


3. Senja Suite
Image Source: Click Here

If you’re a fan of minimalism, you’re going to love Senja Suite. Lightweight and clean, it’s a Rainmeter skin that just takes care of the basics, but does them extremely well, without throwing too much stuff in your face. The information displayed includes Time, User profile button with an expandable bar for System folder shortcuts, Slideshow of favorite pictures, Media information with control buttons, and Shutdown/Restart/Log off buttons.


4. Avengers SHIELD OS
Image Source: Click Here

Although gathering (and coordinating) your own team of superheroes in real-life can a be little tough, you can always play Nick Fury while sitting at your computer, thanks to Avengers SHIELD OS Rainmeter skin. It’s available in multiple resolutions, and includes handy shortcuts to frequently accessed applications like Browser and Media player. Other stuff includes Volume control, Media playback/control bar, RAM and CPU usage display, shutdown & restart buttons, and most importantly, the S.H.I.E.L.D Eagle tag.


Image Source: Click Here

Futuristic yet minimal, TECH-A is both amazing and versatile. It can display a horde of information, such as per core CPU usage, RAM utilization, as well as Time & date. Apart from this, there are also shortcuts to system folders (e.g. My Documents) and Disk partitions, all arranged around an animated, revolving core. You can always customize the looks the way you like!


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